Hawaii and the Canadian Rocky Mountains

In late August 1999 I was attending a workshop in Calgary, Canada. On my way from Australia to Canada I had the possibility to make a stop-over in Honolulu. How could I NOT be tempted to stay a few days on the Hawaiian Islands? I persuaded Ute, a girl from my department who was also going to the workshop, to join me.
The best thing we did was to leave Oahu and fly to Hawaii Island. Here we found the true charm of Hawaii. We went hiking on an active volcano and went to see the space observatory on the summit of Hawaii's highest mountain Moana Kea.

road covered in lava    observatories on Moana Kea    typical Hawaii

After the workshop I had one week of vacation which I spend in the Rocky mountains. I travelled together with Asger, another Danish PhD student. Furthermore we spend a couple of days together with Stephan, a German PhD student.
Asger and I went to Banff where we hiked to the summit of Mount Rundle - hard work: 1600 meter elevation and the last part in rolling stones.
With Stephan we went hiking on Athabasca Glacier, an arm of the Columbian Ice fields. It had been snowing, which had ruined the great view of the mountains for a couple of days, but in return the glacier hike was very beautiful.

water fall    Rocky mountains    Hoodoos

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