Favourite pictures by
Linda Stougaard Nielsen and Klaus Bucka-Lassen

This page has been reserved to display a small selection of our favourite pictures taken with digital camera within the last year.

In general we like to take pictures that are different from the pictures that are typically taken. We like to play around with colours, light, lines and perspective. Furthermore we find it important that the picture is simple and that it clearly (preferable indirectly) express the theme and the mood.

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Copyright on all pictures by Linda and Klaus.


"Leaving the Road Behind"
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Indirectly theme (We have been traveling on a long straight road forever and I'm bored)
"On the Sea"/"Shell Beach"
Photographs by: Linda
Likes: Perspective, simplicity
"Australian Road"
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Perspective - plus the colours and clouds are great here
"Orange Gorge"/"Pink Boat"
Photographs by: Klaus/Linda
Likes: Colour repetition (orange/pink)
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Simple presentation of theme
"Moana Kea Profile"/"Typical Hawaii"/"Profile Sunset"
Photographs by: Linda/Linda/Klaus
Likes: Light and profile
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Soft colours, simplicity, sharp lined contrast
"Blue Flower"
Photograph by: Klaus
Likes: Sharp foreground and blurry background
Photograph by: Klaus
Likes: Colour-simplicity, alternative use of 'rule of thirds'
"Whale Watching"/"No Succes"
Photographs by: Klaus
Likes: The expression of the mood (anticipating/disappointment) plus the colours and shadows in 2nd picture.
"Wet Hair"
Photograph by: Klaus
Likes: Action
Photograph by: Klaus
Likes: Indirect simple indication of theme (guess what we are doing!!!)
"Sydney Harbour Bridge"
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Composition - playing around with the lines of modern steel architecture
"Shell Tiles"/"Mountain King"
Photographs by: Linda
Likes: Perspective
"Seagull Sunset"
Photograph by: Klaus
Likes: Colours
"Ducks with a View"
Photograph by: Linda
Likes: Different objective from plastic ducks perspective
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