With Mom and Dad in Sydney

In November 1999 I was attending a conference in Melbourne. After returning to Perth, where Klaus and I lived, my parents would come to visit us. Before comming to Perth they had planned to see some other parts of Australia. So I hooked up with my parents for a weekend in Sydney on my way to Melbourne.

[Didjerido in Australian Museum]
[White Shark in Sydney Aquarium]
[Waiting for the Ferry, (Harbour Cruise)]
[Harbour Cruise: Cloud Scrapers]
[Cat walkers on Sydney Harbour Bridge]
[Mom in the opera house]
[Sydney Harbour Bridge]
[Me and Dad in the Opera house]
[Shells close up]
[Shells close up]
[Opera House from the front]
[Finally sun: Opera House]

Karl-Anton was also attending the conference and used the opportunity to visit Australia together with his girl-freind Anne. I went to see the penguins at Philip Island with them.
[Anne and Karl-Anton at Philip Island near Melbourne]

Half a year later Klaus and I went to Melbourne and Sydney together on our way around Australia. Read more