Linda Stougaard Nielsen, Adrian Baddeley, Eva B. Vedel Jensen

Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Aarhus
Ny Munkegade
8000 Aarhus C



The position of trees in a forest or the centres of cells in tissue can be described by a planar or spatial point process, respectively, where each tree/cell centre is represented by a point. It is of interest to consider models for point processes that allow for interaction between the points as well as for inhomogeneity in the intensity of the points. Markov point process models are very useful to describe point interaction and can also be used to describe inhomogeneity. In this talk we will consider a particular type of inhomogeneous Markov point processes obtained by transforming a homogeneous Markov point process. We will concentrate on transformations that replace each of the points from the process in the observation window and in some sense maintain the ordering of the points. The major advantage of the transformation model is the nice statistical properties. A data set will be examined using the transformation model.



E. B. V. Jensen and L. S. Nielsen (1999) Inhomogeneous Markov point processes by transformation. To appear in Bernoulli.

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