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However, if you do not belong to one of the above categories but are interested in snowboarding, travelling or photography, you might find these pages interesting anyway.

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1999 Favourites Favourite pictures by Klaus and Linda with comments on why we like these shots in particular.
March One month snowboarding in Val d'Isere, France
20th - 24th April Stop-over in Singapore on the way to Australia
From 24th April Living and travelling in Western Australia
18th August - 7th September Hawaii and the Canadian Rocky Mountains
29th - 31st October With Mom and Dad in Sydney
2000 2nd June - 12th August FlacrOz - flying around Oz (Australia) in private plane
2003 15-17 February Visiting Jeanett and Thomas at Bornholm
17-22 April (Easter) Flying to Barcelona with Eva and Wolfgang
10-12 May Weekend in München with Jan, Olav, Steffen, and Alex
17th May Marias gangster party
30th May - June 1st Weekend in Rome
June 21st Aida concert in St. Jakob Stadium in Basel
June 29th Hiking by Bannalpsee with Jacob and Robert
17-20 July Summer cottage in southern Denmark with Klaus' highschool colleagues
July 26th Hiking at Brienzer Rothorn with Robert, Jan, and Steffen
August 25th - September 6th Summer holidays in South-West Ireland
2004 January 30th - February 1st Ski weekend in Verbier with Nordiska
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